Sales Conditions

Car with driver.
The INTER EVENTS company owner of Grande Remise licence N ░ 288 issued par Paris Prefecture ( France). This activity is a regulated activity under Ministery of Tourism rules
Only the allowed vehicles can perform this service in conditions of secure and guaranties of informed current running Law.

Article 1/Definition of services:
The fixed rate consists of the vehicle roadworthy, the driver qualified " Grande Remise ", professional insurance for the transported persons, combustible, kilometers and time according quotation, departure and return garage, options defined with the customer. Time and/or kms are deducted departure and return of the vehicle in the garage, according prices setting (except particular conditions). Any unit of price setting (the hour, kilometre,) begun is owed. Our prices are TTC expressed in EUROS. The fixed rate does not consist of the sum of tolls and parking, entries in public places, meal of the driver in case of service between 12 h and 14 h or 20 h and 22 h (been false 20 euros)

Article 2/Regulations:
For any reservation, an account payment of 30 % minimum will be paid. The balance of payment, except agreement from INTER EVENTS company, will be made one week before the prestation. At any case, the limited partner of asked prestation and signatory of the order form is alone responsible for his payment in case of fault of the user. For the long-term services and for the customers in count, the payments of bills or notings down will be able to make the object of un weekly or periodical payment. According to type of prestation a deposit will be able to be required.

Article 3/Withdrawal:
Any withdrawal due to the customer of a reservation whoever is reason draws away the loss of the down payment as inclusive and irreducible indemnification.
The reservations not cancelled before departure garage of the vehicle, or absence of the customer in the taking care, will be invoiced.

Article 4 / Unavailability of the vehicle:
In case or the hire company cannot make available the vehicle envisaged in the contract, already poured sums will be intÚgraly refund without resorting nor at indemnification for caused detriment. Nevertheless the down payment will be kept if both parties agree on the provision of another vehicle. In case of breakdown or accident during the prestation returning unavailable the vehicle, the sum of performance will be calculated proportionally to last time, without resorting nor indemnification for caused detriment. No appeal and indemnification for the detriment caused in case of delay of the vehicle, would know how to be accepted, unless the 2 parts agree on an amicable settlement of the contract. In any case the down payment will be kept if delay is less than 50 % of the complete length of prestation or refund completely if delay is superior to 50 %.

Article 5/Security and deteriorations:
The driver has to to respect the highway code and it is forbidden to him to infringe this one (speed limit, prohibited sense) even at the request of the customer. In case of deterioration of the internal equipment or other damage were inflicted on the vehicle or other vehicles, for example during the untimely opening of the doors, caused damage will be supported by customer. We kindly ask you to let the driver open and to close the doors. It is forbidden to smoke inside vehicles; the driver is allowed to stop to allow the smokers to relax if they wish it.
If the driver realizes that the customer makes an offence (for instance usage of drugs), it has to stop the prestation immediately. This stopping will give under no circumstances the right to the refund of this prestation. No animal will be accepted in our vehicles except in an animal box or a hermetic packaging envisaged with this effect.

Article 6 / Lawsuits:
Subject to at lawful dispositions, any lawsuit to be born, of express convention, the exclusive competence of the court dealing with trade lawsuits and disputes of Paris.